eFiling for San Mateo Civil case types begins in June

San Mateo county Pigeon Point

eFiling in San Mateo county continues to grow! Earlier this April, San Mateo County Superior Court introduced eFiling to Family Law. Now, on June 10, San Mateo is expanding its voluntary eFiling program to include Civil case types. San Mateo filers in Civil and Family are joining their colleagues in Probate, who have had the option to eFile since March, 2018.

There are several benefits to transitioning your legal team to eFiling during a voluntary period. You can utilize the convenience of a paperless workflow, file documents directly from your desktop, and take advantage of an extended deadline for same-day filing.

Prepare now

Voluntary eFiling also allows your firm the opportunity to learn the unique guidelines and features of an eFiling workflow at your own pace. At One Legal, we recommend you plan to prepare your team now before eFiling mandates.

One Legal has several important training tools specifically designed to help San Mateo filers navigate their eFiling journey:

Attend a webinar

Our experienced eFiling experts and customer success specialists have created CLE-accredited trainings to help filers learn the nuts and bolts of eFiling on their new systems.

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Download our San Mateo Instant Expert and other resources

Our Instant Experts offer an overview of eFiling terms, new document rules and guidelines, as well as court-specific details you need to have at your fingertips for successful eFiling:

(Instant Expert) eFiler’s Guide to San Mateo Superior Court
(Checklist) The ultimate checklist for eFiling court-friendly documents
(eBook) Top eFiling rejection reasons 2017/2018

Learn from other courts and filers

As courts throughout California transition to eFiling, we’re capturing the collective experience of court clerks and filers in blog articles filled with best practice tips and advice. Bookmark these to share with your team when questions arise:

LA reveals top rejection reasons for Civil case types

FAQs for new eFiling courts in California

What you need to know about eService in California superior courts

How to eFile a proposed order

Does my law firm really need PDF editing software?

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One Legal: San Mateo’s all-in-one filing resource

When you choose One Legal for eFiling in San Mateo County, you are also benefiting from an all-in-one legal support solution.

  • One Legal is a highly rated electronic service provider (EFSP) that has been eFiling in California since 2009. We work closely with courts like Los Angeles and Santa Clara when they introduce electronic filing to ensure a smooth and successful transition for filers.
  • One Legal also delivers physical documents to courts throughout the state and beyond with 30 years of experience.
  • During the voluntary period in San Mateo, you can still physically file in Civil cases while bringing your team up to speed for eFiling. File anywhere in the state with no additional login to memorize: One Legal is a single sign-on solution.
  • Add physical service of process to any eFiling order with just a click of a button.•
  • Our top-rated Concierge service will be available for your San Mateo Civil filings—get a document specialist to file on your behalf.

At One Legal we get excited when new California courts come online. We can’t wait for our customers in transitioning courts to realize the benefits in saved time and money that eFiling brings. We’re looking forward to working together with the Court for a successful launch of eFiling in San Mateo and we hope you join us!

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