Cook County sheriff service gets a new look

Cook County Sheriff Service

In late December, One Legal released an updated sheriff service workflow to make it faster and easier for Cook County filers to submit case initiating documents for service of process. Customers have been able to order service of process via the sheriff in Cook County since September. However, this new solution clarifies certain steps that are unique to this particular scenario.

Improvements in the new sheriff service process

When you start to eFile a new case in Cook County, you’ll see two clear choices for how you’d like to serve notice of the filing. If you choose eFiling with Physical Process Serving, you’ll be taken to a new process serving page for Cook County.

On this screen, you can choose service by either the Sheriff’s Office or a Private Process Server. While the service order details will be largely the same whichever mode you choose, the Delivery Speed options will disappear when serving via the Sheriff’s Office. This is because after your order is transmitted electronically to the Sheriff’s Office, responsibility for fulfilling the order by the Last Day to Serve falls to the Sheriff.

Checking the status of your serve

When your order is successfully delivered to the Cook County sheriff’s office, you will receive a confirmation email with a unique tracking code for checking its status on the sheriff’s website.

You may also call the sheriff’s office to check your order’s status at (312) 603-3365. If you choose to contact them by phone, Sheriff Dart’s website recommends having your case number handy.

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