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How One Legal helps a small law firm serve process on 85+ parties with ease

Albany, California-based Driscoll Omens is no stranger to complex, multi-party litigation. The firm has, over its history, represented plaintiffs in a number of high-profile suits in California. Handling these types of labor-intensive cases in a small firm raises practical issues. Court filings must be delivered and all of the other […]

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7 Adobe Acrobat hacks that will make legal professionals’ lives easier

Adobe Acrobat tips for lawyers

Adobe Acrobat is probably one of the most crucial tools for any efficient law office. In fact, with more and more courts moving to eFiling, it is rapidly becoming almost indispensable. Despite the reliable, space-saving, and user-friendly qualities of Acrobat, however, many legal professionals aren’t using Acrobat to its full […]

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7 TED Talks all legal professionals should watch

Legal professionals – Paralegals, Legal Secretaries, and Attorneys – often get information and educational material from the same sources: legal websites, magazines, and professional organizations. That’s great, but it can end up being a little stale. There’s a risk that, if we’re all reading, listening, and watching the same material, […]

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