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Lili Daniel

About: Lili

Lili Daniel leads the Customer Success team at One Legal. She has a decade of legal support service experience and is a member of a number of legal professional associations. She was a board member of the San Gabriel Valley Legal Secretaries Association from 2012 to 2014. When Lili isn’t running around in the legal community, she is teaching yoga to the masses as a yoga instructor in Pasadena.

Posts by Lili

Stretches to ease desk-related shoulder, arm, and wrist pain

Does time at the desk impact your body in a negative way? Ease shoulder, arm, and wrist pain with these stretches that increase blood flow and ease tension.

6 ways to beat the afternoon slump and stay productive all day

Note from the editor: Wellness is a big issue among professionals, especially those in stressful sectors like the law. At One Legal we’re lucky to have an in-house wellness guru, Lili Daniel, who also leads our Customer Success team. In

Quick yoga poses to make any break count

At some point , we’ve probably all had that feeling; you’ve been sitting too long at your desk or running around like a mad person. Your shoulders are feeling heavy, your back is sore, and your wrists are achy. Recent

Feeling stressed out? Here are 7 ways to find stress relief right now

Note from the editor: In this latest post in our wellness series, One Legal’s in-house wellness guru, Lili Daniel, suggests seven steps for reducing stress at work. Check out the full series here. Please share your own ways to find

5 things you can do to start your day happy and healthy

Note from the editor: Working in the legal industry can make for a busy work life and, let’s face it, some days even a job we usually really enjoy can start to make us feel unhappy and run down. In

4 easy yoga moves you can do at your desk

Note from the editor: We’re a diverse bunch here at One Legal, from a variety of backgrounds and with a wide range of talents. This year we’ll be sharing some of our employees insights via interviews and guest posts. Today,

Big data’s effect on the practice of law

I had the pleasure of joining my first Los Angeles Legal Innovations/ Legal Hacking Meetup group last Monday, January 27th. It was held at IndieDesk, which is a co-working space located downtown on Broadway, between 8th and 9th street.  The speaker,

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