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8 things you didn’t know Concierge can do for you

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One Legal’s Concierge team has been around for years now, placing orders and double-checking documents on behalf of customers across the country. As the need for eFiling support and assistance has grown, so has our team, along with our abilities to apply the very highest quality assurance possible to your documents.

#1: Electronic bookmarking

All eFiling courts require that exhibits be tagged with electronic bookmarks to make navigating crucial parts of the document more straightforward. Adding electronic bookmarks to exhibits can be a straightforward process when using a PDF editing software, such as Adobe Acrobat or Kofax.

But if you want the help of a professional, send your documents to us and we will bookmark them on your behalf.

#2: Place an order for you

While this is often what our Concierge associates are best known for, it’s also a still (too) well-kept secret that we have an entire team who can eFile documents on your behalf.

By filing thousands of documents in courts across California, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas, our Concierge associates have learned the ins and outs of how to get the documents accepted.

P.S. Case initiation documents are our specialty.

#3: Double check

Have you ever placed a filing with One Legal and noticed the Double Check option in the filing process? When you add Double Check to your order, your documents are sent to us before getting submitted to the court.

Double Check

We check for all the same things as a full file-for-you Concierge order, including electronic bookmarks, optical character recognition, correct formatting, pagination, and more.

#4: PDF separation and/or combination

Have dozens of documents that need to be combined for a filing or separated for multiple filings? We can help! Our team uses a PDF editing software to arrange digital documents in the correct order and combination before filing, taking care of the work so you don’t have to.

#5: eFiling exemption confirmation

With the hundreds of case types and courts we file into, our team keeps track of which documents are included in eFiling permissive periods and mandates and which remain exempt from eFiling. We flag and redirect any documents that must be delivered to the court in paper form by submitting them via our Documents exempt from eFiling path instead.

#6: Apply optical character recognition

Every document submitted through One Legal has optical character recognition (OCR) applied to ensure that it is text searchable for readers. However, there is always some risk of incorrect interpretation of characters, resulting in potential confusion later on.

Concierge associates will apply OCR manually and check to confirm that the process resulted in an accurate presentation.

#7: Check for proper redaction

Improperly redacted text has made the news more time than it should. And the consequences have been significant for leaving sensitive information visible to the public. We test your redacted text and confirm that it is impossible for snooping eyes to deduce the phrases beneath. This should hopefully keep your firm out of the press for unseemly reasons related to failure to protect client data.

Read more: How to redact text>>

#8: Confirm formatting is court-approved

Finally, all courts establish requirements around how a document must be formatted before it is submitted to the court. These include specifications around font type, size, and spacing, margins, and more.

Read more: eFiling checklists for your state>>

Concierge associates bring together their vast knowledge about the different courts to ensure that every single document meets the high standards of the court and our team. As eFiling becomes more prevalent, we as filing specialists continue to adapt with the changing local rules for each county.

Whether you are filing a large number of documents and need extra resources in the short term or are looking for ongoing filing support, your Concierge team is ready and waiting to assist.

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