8 resources for prioritizing wellness amidst crisis

In the midst of a global crisis, personal wellness can often take a backseat. Even when so much is going on at a high level, sometimes one of the best things you can do is take care of yourself on an individual level.

Here are some ways to look after your own wellness as recommended by experts in the legal and wellness worlds.

Wellbeing videos from the Missouri Bar Association

The Missouri Bar Association compiled relaxing videos for wellbeing, covering topics such as coping strategies, research-based suggestions for improving mood, and a well-being toolkit.

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30-day calendar from Action for Happiness

30 days, 30 actions for keeping calm, staying wise, and being kind from the Action for Happiness project.

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Social connection from Stanford University

Stanford’s Dr. Emma Seppala breaks down the importance of social connection—what it is, why we need it, and what happens when we don’t have it, validating the feelings many have suffered from as a result of missing out on that connection.

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Watch her TedTalk>>

Adopting a resilient mindset from Conscious Legal Minds

Founder Laura Mahr provides steps for recover in her article “A Resilient Mindset: Take Stock of What You Lost and What You Gained to Move Forward.”

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Exercise to help with anxiety from Harvard Medical School

Dr. John J. Ratey explains how exercise serves to ease anxiety and ways to make the most of it as a tool for easing your stress and managing overwhelm in times of uncertainty.

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Customized handwashing poster by Wash Your Lyrics

Okay, this one is just for fun. Tired of humming the happy birthday song twice as you wash your hands? Turn a song of your choice into a poster that helps you track optimal handwashing time.

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Six questions to ask yourself from UC Berkeley’s Greater Good

Check in with yourself daily with these six questions that can help you take care of yourself and structure your days.

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Reading recommendations from Lawyers with Depression

Need something with a little more meat that can cover multiple aspects of being a legal professional in a stressful industry? This organization has put together books on wellness specifically written by and for lawyers and others in the legal world.

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What are some of your go-to wellness resources in the time of this global pandemic? Get a colleague and start engaging with these resources today.

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