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5 ways to manage legal support needs more efficiently for a single case using One Legal

One legal efficiency tips

In a busy law office, it can be difficult to stay on top of everything, especially with the pace of technological change being so rapid (just look at California’s move towards electronic court filing, for example).

At One Legal, we’re really grateful to be part of the legal sector’s rapid embrace of technology, and we’re constantly on the lookout for ways to help you to be more efficient while minimizing risk.

As a result, we’re always looking at our services to make them even more useful for you. Here are the top 5 elements you can find in your One Legal account right now that we think will help you to manage your law office more efficiently.

#1. File court documents in 13 states and all 58 counties of California through a single login

Worried about having to learn and manage dozens of different case filing systems as more and more courts move to electronic filing? In California, for example, where each court is procuring their own system, things could quickly get confusing.

One Legal is the antidote to this potential confusion. With your single One Legal login, you can file court documents through the same award-winning workflow in 13 states and every county of California regardless of the system the court uses or whether they’re eFile equipped or still on the physical paper route.

#2. Seamlessly add on physical service of process when filing case initiation documents

Did you know that as well as being the go-to court filing service for California’s legal professionals, One Legal has also been voted the state’s best process server for three consecutive years?

It’s easy to take advantage of our process serving product – just select “filing with process serving” while filing a case initiation document and you can seamlessly add on a process of service order in under a minute.

With a choice of service levels to fit your needs, 24/7 access to updates, and a proven, reliable and dependable service from our licensed and/or certified servers you can let One Legal take the strain.  

Process serve with One Legal

#3. Quickly add on eService when filing subsequent case documents

Looking for a simple solution for quickly and easily sharing subsequent case filings with all parties without the need for endless printing and envelope stuffing? Look no further. With One Legal you can add on electronic service at the same time as filing your documents with the court.

Looking for a more comprehensive eService solution? We’ve built CaseLink – a comprehensive eService platform. CaseLink facilitates the seamless sharing of case documents between multiple parties via a simple login and upload procedure, creates a searchable repository of all of the documents served for each case, alerts participants when new documents have been filed, and automatically keeps the service list up to date.

eService with One Legal

#4. Add on courtesy copy delivery at the touch of a button

Does your eFiling court still require that you send a courtesy/chamber paper copy of your documents? That could be a real pain – printing, binding, tagging and delivering your filing to the court. Isn’t electronic court filing meant to save you time and paper?

Don’t worry, One Legal has you covered. At the click of a button in our workflow, you can easily add a courtesy copy. As long as you enter the transaction in your One Legal account by 5 p.m., we will prepare the documents and hand deliver to chambers before noon the next day and return to you a received stamped copy.

Courtesy copy delivery with One Legal

#5. Order court papers from any courthouse in the U.S. and have them emailed to you in as few as 24 hours

More and more courts are moving their case files online, but there are still millions of potentially crucial court documents only available in paper form. Getting hold of these documents could be a real headache. With One Legal, we make it simple.

Just submit your request through our website and we’ll set our nationwide network of experts to work navigating the phone lines and corridors of distant courts – state, district, or bankruptcy – to get secure your documents. Often we’ll get your documents back to you, via email, in a little as 24 hours.

Court research and retrieval with One Legal

Over to you!

Have you been making use of these features within One Legal? Sign up or log in and start saving time in your law office today.

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