4 free ebooks to help you improve the efficiency and productivity of your law practice

Here at One Legal we know that keeping a busy law practice running smoothly can be hard work. That’s why, in addition to providing fast and easy-to-use litigation support services, we offer up a wealth of tips, tricks, and advice to help you run your whole practice more efficiently.

We’ve delved deep into our data and identified our four most popular ebooks. The best thing? They’re all completely free to download. Enjoy!

#1 How to produce a “court-friendly” PDF

There are few things more frustrating as a legal professional than having a court filing rejected by the court clerks. Not only is there a delay, but you have to spend time correcting and resubmitting your filing.

As a company responsible for successfully filing hundreds of thousands of court documents in California, Texas, and around the U.S. we’ve learned a few things over the years about getting filings accepted.

In this free guide, we explain how to prepare your PDFs to best meet the clerk’s expectations and to stay within the court’s rules. There’s step-by-step guidance for completing tasks like making your document text searchable, removing metadata, and adding electronic bookmarks as well as dozens of tips for optimizing your document for on-screen reading. 


#2 The paperless law office: A practical guide

Practical guide to implementing a paperless law officeYou’ve probably heard a lot of talk about going paperless for some time now. Now that more and more courts accept electronic filing and electronic service is becoming widely accepted, there are fewer and fewer reasons not to go entirely paperless. The benefits, in terms of reduced costs and increased efficiency, are substantial.

If you’re still running your office in the traditional paper-intensive way, getting started toward a paperless future can seem daunting. This practical guide sets out a step-by-step approach, with highly actionable advice to get you started.

You’ll learn about changes that you can introduce in your first week, vital tools and how to choose the most appropriate tech choices for your office, critical internal workflows and processes to make sure you never lose anything, and pro tips for optimizing your documents for on-screen reading.


#3 Essential productivity and time-management tips for legal professionals

Productivity at work ebookIf only there were more hours in the day. For most lawyers and support staff, this is surely something you find yourself asking all too often.

Despite our best efforts, we all succumb to distractions and interruptions at some point — whether it’s emails, social media, or even chatty colleagues! In fact, the average office worker becomes distracted every three minutes.

If you’re looking to break free from distraction and start getting more done, this free ebook is for you. It’s packed full of tips and tricks for organizing your day, getting a grip on your email inbox, and mastering your day-to-day tools (like Word and Acrobat). We can’t add any more hours to your day, but within this ebook, we show you how to make the hours that you have go further.


#4 Happy and healthy: A wellness guide for legal professionals

Workplace wellness ebookIt’s a sad truth, but stress is common in the legal profession. In today’s always-on workplace, where it’s harder than ever to disconnect, stress is more prevalent than ever. Unless you take care of yourself, though, stress can turn in something more serious: burnout and ill-health.

That’s why an investment in workplace wellness has never been more necessary. This free ebook shows you why this is so and offers practical advice for staying happy and healthy at work.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to spot the signs of burnout and how to tackle it early. You’ll also learn how to address stress head-on, how to structure your day so as to minimize fatigue, and a dozen “deskercise” yoga moves to help prevent back and neck injuries.


What subject would you like us to cover in our next ebook? Let us know in the comments!

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