Is it 120MB or 65MB with Orange County eFiling?

(Updated 6/15/15)

A typical Orange County eFiling transaction can include multiple documents totaling up to 120MB in size. That’s a lot of space! If your document is optimized properly, 120MB is about 5,000 – 8,000 pages. There is, however, a list of several documents which automatically limit the transaction size to 65MB, those are:

  • Notice of Entry of Judgment
  • Notice of Ruling
  • Opposition
  • Opposition to Noticed Motion
  • Reply – Other
  • Reply to Motion
  • Reply to Opposition
  • Reply to Opposition of Noticed Motion
  • Request for Judicial Notice
  • Separate Statement
  • Exhibit List
  • Joint Case Management Statement
  • Motion in Limine
  • Trial Briefs
  • Witness List

For those of you who are interested in the technical details –

These documents are automatically accepted by the court’s system and skip clerk review. For this reason, large documents cannot be sent via a proxy page and need to be sent as-is for the court’s system to file and stamp them automatically and so they need to conform to a different size standard.

While we instruct our customers to try and upload as many documents for the given case as possible in a single transaction, when you are filing any one of the document types listed and you are near the limit it may be a good idea to upload that document separately.

As a reminder on a related subject – even if you are not quite approaching the size cap, whether the 120MB or the 65MB, it is a good idea to reduce your file size and optimize your documents. The court wants you to minimize the digital size of your filings and our Training team offers training in Adobe Acrobat where you will be shown how to perform those functions within a matter of minutes.

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