100 OneSource posts! The 10 most-read articles of all time

This week we’re celebrating the publication of our 100th blog post on OneSource, our One Legal blog.

We’re really proud of our blog, which we use to share the latest news and updates in California and across the U.S., as well as tips, tricks, and advice for helping you to ensure that your important documents get delivered and accepted the first time.

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To mark the occasion, we wanted to take a look back at some of the most popular blog posts we’ve shared with you during the past months.

This list is our top 10 best-performing posts, which we determined by looking into the number of individuals who read each entry. I’ve taken one or two editorial liberties to remove posts that were only relevant at the time they were written so that you‘ll only see posts that up to date and of interest to you and your firm.

We hope you enjoy. Here’s to the next 100 posts!

#10. 7 Microsoft Outlook quick tricks all legal professionals should know

There’s a very good chance you spend a significant chunk of your day working with Microsoft Outlook. There’s so much more to this email and calendaring tool than many realize, however. This post introduces some of the most useful time-saving features available in the most recent versions of Outlook.

#9. Email management tips for attorneys and paralegals

Email overload is rapidly becoming the modern office’s biggest drain on productivity. In fact, some estimates reckon that the average office worker spends a quarter of their working day reading and answering emails. It doesn’t need to be this way! Here, we set out a four-step process for regaining control of your inbox!

#8. 5 ways to reduce the size of a PDF

You know the scenario — you’ve carefully prepared your filing, scanned your exhibits, and patched it all together exactly as the court requires only to discover your PDF file exceeds the court’s measly file limit. Don’t worry; some quick tricks can get your document back within permissible boundaries!

#7. Don’t let eFiling turn into eFailure

With eFiling rapidly becoming the norm in courts across the U.S. (in Texas almost all courts now require eFiling and in California, the list of eFiling courts is growing rapidly), it’s important to make sure that your documents meet the court’s requirements and are optimized for on-screen readability.

#6. 10 legal podcasts that will improve your commute

Podcasts, short radio shows you can download and listen to on-demand, are an increasingly popular way to keep up to date and well informed. There are hundreds of high-quality legal podcasts out there, so how to choose which deserve your precious time? Here we shared our 10 favorites.

#5. 7 Adobe Acrobat hacks that will make legal professionals’ lives easier

Love it or hate it, Adobe Acrobat is the industry-standard program for creating and editing PDF documents. It’s a powerful tool with hundreds of features that can really make your work life easier. In this post, we listed seven of Acrobat’s functions most likely to be of use to legal professionals.

#4. What are the most in demand paralegal skills?

There’s no avoiding the fact that expectations of legal professionals are changing. More and more firms are looking to their paralegals to take on an increased range of tasks. What, though, are the skills in greatest demand? In this post, we reviewed hundreds of paralegal job advertisements and came up with a definitive list of the skills paralegals need to succeed.

#3. 7 Microsoft Word hacks every legal professional should know

Word is a much more powerful tool than many fully appreciate. This post outlines seven of the word processor’s features that are of most use to legal professionals, including the ability to quickly compare two versions of a document and automatically highlight changes, and the steps required to create a table of authorities instantly.

#2. How court filing is changing and what it means for your law firm

There’s a whole lot of change taking place in the state courts right now. In this post, we shared an update on the shift to eFiling in California and the steps that you and your firm ought to be taking right now to be prepared. Since we first published this post, more courts have gone electronic, but with more than 20 courts shifting to eFiling soon, there’s still plenty of good advice here.

#1. The top ten reasons court filings get rejected in California (and how you can avoid them)

There are few things more frustrating than a rejected court filing. In this post, we use our experience successfully filing hundreds of thousands of documents every year to share the most common reasons filings get rejected by the clerks and the steps that you can take to make sure that you avoid them!

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