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Court Filing

Don't Let Court Deadlines Get the Best of You…
Take Control with One Legal

We're On Your Team

Picture of attorneys rushing into the courthouse

Prepare and submit your time-sensitive court filing in 15 states from the convenience of your desktop. We'll even advance your court filing fees.

For more than two decades, One Legal has proven its ability to file court documents by your deadline, even in courts with long lines and shortened filing hours. Simply upload your court documents to your One Legal account and we'll assemble your court filing and verify it meets the court's local rules. An endorsed caption page is sent to you electronically upon completion of your court document filing.

When you choose One Legal for legal services, we become an extension of your team, keeping you informed and providing you with status updates until we complete your court filing.

Without the help of One Legal, we would have missed our deadline to file our Notice of Motion and Motion for Attorney's Fees for fees totaling over $100,000. We faxed the notice to you, and it was filed that day! There is no other online attorney service for us. We are One Legal users forever!!

Marilyn A. Harris
Western Center on Law and Poverty

Beat the Clock

Does everything seem to end up stacked on your desk 30 minutes before deadline? Waiting for signatures or exhibits before you can complete a court filing?

Take advantage of our "Save As Draft" feature to do the majority of your legal file preparation when it's convenient for you. Simply upload the completed portion of your court documents early in your day, click the "Save As Draft" button, and add exhibits and signature pages when they become available. As your deadline approaches, the majority of your court filing work is already done.

When it comes to legal services, trust the One Legal team.