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Fast, simple, and accurate  eFiling and eService in Indiana's courts

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Built in consultation with legal professionals, One Legal is Indiana's easiest to use eFiling service. All accounts get:

Your first 90 days of eFIling and eService are free!

Conversion of all uploads to text searchable PDF, plus added features to ensure your success

Simple billing — we disburse all fees, inc. court fees; you get one invoice for everything

A dedicated account manager and world class customer support you can reach in minutes

Fast, simple, and reliable Indiana court filing

We accept your preferred payment method, including American Express!

Unparalleled features and a commitment to excellence

Make ordering service of process a breeze. Simply select to add on personal process serving as you file a case initiation, enter a few details, and a member of our experienced network of process servers will do the rest!

Simplify your billing

File and serve court documents with ease

Designed in partnership with legal professionals, our workflow makes it quick and simple to file court documents and serve parties. You'll have your filing placed in minutes via our step-by-step process.


Works in your browser!

One Legal disburses all costs, including the court's filing fees, on your behalf. You receive one, itemized invoice per filing making it quick and simple to reconcile charges to cases.

Maximize your filing acceptance rate

Save time: Add process serving as you file

Added features, like automatic PDF conversion and application of text searchability, help ensure your filing meets the court's rules. All physical filings are reviewed by a document specialist as they're printed and prepared. We call you if we see anything that may pose a problem or needs correcting.

Get started today and your first three months of eFiling and eService are free

Option to file using Email to File concierge


Hassle free set up

Easily access court-returned documents and track your cases in a clear and easily searchable case portfolio

Get your account fully set up in minutes and start filing immediately

Every One Legal account also 


Fast, simple, and reliable eService is available as standard whenever you're eFiling

World class support

A clear and accessible case portfolio

You can get ahold of us in minutes by phone or email (8:15 a.m. — 5:30 p.m., M-F, Pacific Time)

If you're rushed or need a helping hand, email us your documents and an experienced specialist will file for you

Learn more about which courts in Indiana allow eFiling and to find out the case types in which eFiling is permitted.


Indiana's courts are introducing electronic court filing in a phases. You can eFile in most courts, including Marion County/Indianapolis using One Legal. Additional counties will be added soon.


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Our firm can always count on the reliable, efficient and timely work done by One Legal. We rely on them so much and the customer service is outstanding. Thanks!


This company knows the value of communication and follow through! They do what they say they will, when they say they will. Excellent customer service!

Online review via TrustPilot


New professional accounts are eligible for three months of eFiling and eService at no cost. For your first 90 days One Legal will waive service fees regardless of how many transactions you place. You remain responsible for any court-mandated and statutory fees. Learn more.

+39.95 to use Email to File concierge

eService included; higher rates apply to physical service of process

$3.95 / eFiling

How does the 90-day free eFiling and eService trial work?



Call or email our sales team to discuss special rates and service offerings

What physical services can I add?

You can file in every eFiling enabled courthouse in Indiana. We're a certified and court-approved electronic filing service in Indiana. For a list of eFiling enabled courts, click here.




First 90 days of eFiling and eService


eFiling $3.95 after trial

eService included; higher rates apply to physical service of process

Best for individuals managing a case on their own without a lawyer

Frequently asked questions

Best for law firms, businesses and other organizations

Where can I file using One Legal?

Best if you expect to file more than 500 cases in a month

Can I use your Email to File service?

You can add service of process and courtesy copy delivery. We’re a leading process server — working only with the best professionals to get your documents served. Best of all? You can save time and effort by adding these services as you place your court filing.

Yes. Email to File is available to all One Legal customers. Just attach your documents to an email to us and a member of our concierge team will assemble, review, and submit your filing for you. We'll call you if anything needs correcting. Click here to learn more about Email to File.

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