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How to ensure your California court filings are accepted

Learn how to boost your court filing acceptance rate in a few easy steps

About the author, Mark Schwartz

Every day hundreds of court filings are rejected in California — causing delays and costing time and money to fix.

You can ensure that your documents are accepted by paying close attention to the state and local rules, and taking care to avoid the most common mistakes. 

In this ebook, we describe the most common reasons filings get rejected and explain the steps you can take to make sure you avoid them.

In this free ebook, you'll learn:

Information that must be in your file to ensure it's complete

What local rules you need to follow to avoid rejection

As One Legal's Justice Program Manager, Mark Schwartz is the resident expert on all things courts. Frequently meeting with officials in numerous counties, Mark keeps One Legal current on the changing legal landscape, ensuring we provide the best possible service to help our customers succeed. Mark has worked in the legal industry for 40 years, filing for the first time at age 13 as a bike messenger.

Why Acrobat skills are essential to successful filing

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